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We are a family of 4 who visit Koh Phangan every year. Just for fun, we have started to review the places we visit to help other families visiting the island.

This website is still a work in progress but we hope that you find our articles & reviews helpful. We’d love you to contribute too – just leave your comments via the individual posts to tell us what you think about the places we feature.

A poem about Koh Phangan


Kids on Koh Phangan logo

I love to wake up in Siam,

That is where I am,

Look at the Sea, isn’t it blue?

Would you like to go there too?

There is the sand as white as can be

Sit in the shade, drinking iced tea.

Once a month it’s Full Moon,

even when it is Monsoon.

Koh Phangan, isn’t it great?!

You can come here with your mates!


Written by Molly, aged 10 – a big fan of Koh Phangan!

(Copyright, Molly McCulloch 2015)