JJ Resort

JJ Resort Sign - Koh Phangan, ThailandWhere is JJ’s Resort?

JJ’s Resort is in the Wok Tum area on the  South West Coast. From Thong Sala follow the coast road through Nai Wok & Plaay Leam, then past the fishing village.  After One Love Bar, there is a small bridge and JJ Resort is the first resort past the bridge.


What type of food do they serve?

An extensive menu of Thai and Western food including burgers, pasta and English dishes such as Shepherds Pie and Sausages with Mash.

The food is really tasty and is bound to suit all tastes as the menu is so extensive. The Indian Set & Thai Set meals are delicious and also very good value for money as a drink is included.


Kid’s Voice

What do a 10 year old and a 3 year old think about JJ’s Resort?

What did you think of the food?

We like it because we can choose from either Thai or Western food.  Our  favourite dishes are rice & omelette, chocolate & banana pancake and the cheese burger and french fries are very good too if you fancy farang food. The best desert is chocolate fudge cake – it’s delicious!

We also really like the fruit shakes, particularly the orange and the lemon shakes!


What do you like about JJ Resort?

I like that it is right next to the beach so I can play while we wait for our food. There is a bent palm tree which is fun to climb on, but it isn’t too high so I don’t worry about falling and hurting myself! There is also a big grass area to play on too.

The deck at the end of the restaurant is pretty and is really comfortable as there are hammocks and big cushions at every table.

There are two dogs called Lucky and Blackie who are really friendly (especially Blackie) and like to play with children.


Would you like to go there again?

Yes – definitely! Without a doubt.




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