Moonlight Cinema

moon light cinema, Koh Phangan
The Moonlight Cinema is the only cinema on Koh Phangan. Set in a tropical gardens it shows a variety of films that both kids and adults can enjoy. The  first film of the day is nearly always a children's film. There are different themes for every day - for example, Monday is Russian films, Tuesday shows romance films etc. The films are in English with subtitles whenever possible. You listen to the film wearing headphones  and sit on cushions. You can get popcorn, coke and other types of f...

Satimi Home-made Ice Cream

Satimi Home Made Ice Cream - Places to Eat, Koh Phangan
Satimi Home Made Ice Cream Parlour is located in Thong Sala. They make & serve Italian gelatto and sorbets in a wide range of flavours, including dairy free options suitable for vegans. You are allowed to try out a small taste of the ice-cream to help you select your favourite flavour. It's a tough choice as there are so many flavours to choose from and every time we visited there was a new flavour to try! Satimi serves the most delicious ice cream out of every other ice cream shop we ...

Big C Soft Play and Gaming Arcarde

Soft Play Centre - Kids Adventure - Big C, Baan Tai, Koh Phangan
Looking for entertainment on a rainy day or just fancy a change to the beach? Then visit Big C Soft Play & Gaming Arcade on Baan Tai Road. The soft play centre is for children aged 0-8 years old, although they will allow older children to play as long as they are careful around the little ones. Its costs 50 baht  for 1 child to play there for 30 minutes.*  Parents must stay with very young children but are free to leave older children unattended for a short while as there is some super...

Sri Thanu Beach

Sri Thanu Beach, Panoramic View, Koh Phangan
Sri Thanu beach is located in Sri Thanu village on the North West / West coast of Koh Phangan. This area is known as being the spiritual mecca on the island. There are lots of vegetarian restaurants, yoga schools and healing centres in the area. There is a wide sandy beach that you can enter by crossing a small river to get to the beach. You can also access it via the small fishing port at the top of the village. The water is clear and clean. The tides aren't too strong, so no strong c...

Caffe Della Moca

Cafe della mocha - sign
Caffe Della Moca is located in the centre of the fishing village at Chaloklum  on the North West Coast of Koh Phangan. Find the restaurant on the main street which runs behind the beach near the fishing harbour. The owner, Jennie, cooks up homemade Italian food such as pizza and fresh pastas. He also serve salads, piadina bread and Italian deserts. If you are visiting in high season, go there there early to get an outside table overlooking the beach, otherwise you should reserve a table...

JJ Resort

JJ Resort Sign - Koh Phangan, Thailand
Where is JJ's Resort? JJ's Resort is in the Wok Tum area on the  South West Coast. From Thong Sala follow the coast road through Nai Wok & Plaay Leam, then past the fishing village.  After One Love Bar, there is a small bridge and JJ Resort is the first resort past the bridge.   What type of food do they serve? An extensive menu of Thai and Western food including burgers, pasta and English dishes such as Shepherds Pie and Sausages with Mash. The food is really tasty and is boun...