Sri Thanu Beach

Sri Thanu Beach, Panoramic View, Koh Phangan

Sri Thanu beach is located in Sri Thanu village on the North West / West coast of Koh Phangan. This area is known as being the spiritual mecca on the island. There are lots of vegetarian restaurants, yoga schools and healing centres in the area.

There is a wide sandy beach that you can enter by crossing a small river to get to the beach. You can also access it via the small fishing port at the top of the village.

The water is clear and clean. The tides aren’t too strong, so no strong currents to worry about it.  The sea is shallow at first, but gets deeper after a few metres so it’s advisable to keep an eye on very small children.

The sea is free from dangerous creatures, although our daughter was stung by something. No major harm done, but it left a mark on her skin – perhaps a small jellyfish.

What Do Kids Say?

“You can walk right around the rocky headland to explore the small beaches and coves around the other side of the bay. It’s fun hopping over the rocks and playing on the sand.  The tide was high when we visited but if the tide was low, we could have walked all the way round to the Pirate Bar at Haad Chao Pao. I like playing at the Pirate Bar because it is really is like a secret pirate cove!

I enjoyed playing in the sea, until I got stung by something. I don’t know what it was, but it got inside my swimming costume and left a mark on my skin that was very itchy!” 

What else can you do near Sri Thanu beach?

The beach is located in Sri Thanu, which is a bustling village with lots of restaurants and shops, including a 7/11. Restaurants vary from Italian, bakeries, vegetarian and Thai food stalls.

It is also close to Laem Som Lake which is home to Wipe Out, a fun water activity centre. It is also only a 5-10 minutes walk to Haad Chao Pao beach on the road



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