Moonlight Cinema

moon light cinema, Koh Phangan
The Moonlight Cinema is the only cinema on Koh Phangan. Set in a tropical gardens it shows a variety of films that both kids and adults can enjoy. The  first film of the day is nearly always a children's film. There are different themes for every day - for example, Monday is Russian films, Tuesday shows romance films etc. The films are in English with subtitles whenever possible. You listen to the film wearing headphones  and sit on cushions. You can get popcorn, coke and other types of f...

Satimi Home-made Ice Cream

Satimi Home Made Ice Cream - Places to Eat, Koh Phangan
Satimi Home Made Ice Cream Parlour is located in Thong Sala. They make & serve Italian gelatto and sorbets in a wide range of flavours, including dairy free options suitable for vegans. You are allowed to try out a small taste of the ice-cream to help you select your favourite flavour. It's a tough choice as there are so many flavours to choose from and every time we visited there was a new flavour to try! Satimi serves the most delicious ice cream out of every other ice cream shop we ...