Big C Soft Play and Gaming Arcarde

Soft Play Centre - Kids Adventure - Big C, Baan Tai, Koh PhanganLooking for entertainment on a rainy day or just fancy a change to the beach? Then visit Big C Soft Play & Gaming Arcade on Baan Tai Road.

The soft play centre is for children aged 0-8 years old, although they will allow older children to play as long as they are careful around the little ones.

Its costs 50 baht  for 1 child to play there for 30 minutes.*  Parents must stay with very young children but are free to leave older children unattended for a short while as there is some supervision. Although there is often only 1 member of staff so if your child decides to run out the play area they may not be able to stop them! So, discretion is advised if you decide to leave children unattended.

There is also a gaming arcade with rides for smaller children, video and other arcade games. Each costs 10 baht – you can change your money into 10 baht coins there.

What do Kids Say?

Slide & Ball Pool - Soft Play - Big C, Koh Phangan, ThailandClimbing Wall - Kids Soft Play - Big C, Koh Phangan, Thailand4 year old: “I love the slide and the ball pool the best.  I like hiding underneath all the balls. I love jumping on the trampoline too. It’s fun. 

 My favourite rides in the arcade are the horse and the motorbike.  There are lots of good games to play. I beat my mum playing table hockey!”

11 year old: “I had to be careful of little kids but I went in to play with my little sister. I liked the trampoline and the ball pool as I wasn’t too big for those!  

The arcade has some good games. I like the driving ones and also the basketball hoop. It’s a good place to spend doing something different for a little while.” 


 Bouncy Castle - Soft Play- Koh Phangan, ThailandChildren's Rides, Big C, Koh Phangan, Thailand





(*Prices correct: March 2016)








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